Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Change In Plans

Have you ever thought you were sure of what God's plan was for your life, only to find that what you thought it was wasn't exactly what He had in mind? I have encountered this exact situation since I have been here. I will explain, but first let me say I do love it here. I love the communities. I love the people. I love the simplicity. This will always be a home away from home for me.

I am one who believes that God's call for all who love Him is to go out and make disciples. That is always what we are called to do, whether near or far. I have had opportunities to do both throughout my lifetime and it has been very clear to me for many years that God has laid Juarez heavy on my heart and I have come here every chance I have had. A few years back I believe I was called to a longer term of ministry here, feeling as though it was supposed to be for a year. Throughout my planning process for this trip and my support raising, it became evident that a year was not going to be possible right now. But I was dedicated to be here for however long I could be because I was sure that is what I was called to do. In my last post, I informed everybody that because I did not drive my own vehicle down here as planned, it allowed me to have enough money to stay through December. But shortly after that post, I began to get a very unsettling feeling and I began to pray about it. After praying, this is what I believe God is directing me to do: I believe I am right where I am supposed to be for this time, but I do not believe my time here is supposed to exceed a couple months for this trip. I still believe I have a calling here in my future for a longer period of time, but it is not supposed to be right now. So, I will be returning home August 15 after all of the Back to School parties are done here.

One thing that I do not want to be left unsaid is that I have been incredibly blessed and humbled by the amount of prayer and financial support that I did receive for this trip. It is all much appreciated and I would not have been able to come without the help of my supporters so THANK YOU!!! Knowing that I will have money left over after my time is finished here, the remaining money will be used to help the ministries here and projects that Rosita and Lucio are wanting to complete in the churches.

Prayers are appreciated as I head into my last week of the ministries that I am a part of and prepare for the team to come next week. I'm excited to get the Back To School portion of my trip started and I am excited to have the team here as well! :)

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