Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time is Flying

This post is a little late, so I apologize to those who are wanting to stay updated. My life has taken some exciting turns since my first post. As many of you may know, I got engaged and we are excited about our future together! :)
 But I wanted to clear up the big question that I have received from several people regarding my plans for Mexico after getting engaged. I am still going. And my goal is still a year. We are holding off on major wedding planning until I return.

With that said, I wanted to update everybody on how my Mexico preparation is coming along. Things are coming together little by little. I am working with the church and with Rosa and Lucio to make sure I have everything taken care of that needs to be done. I'm so thankful for the partnerships that I have with both, my church and with the Ontiveros', because I would not be able to accomplish all of this alone!

As far as financial support goes, I have about $7000 raised so far. My goal is approximately $24,000.  With a little over 2 months until I leave, this naturally worries me a little. However, I believe in a God who provides to complete His purpose, so I am trusting Him and the path that He is guiding me.

If you would like to help support me financially, you can make checks payable to Nappanee Missionary Church and mail it to:
Nappanee Missionary Church
PO Box 110
Nappanee, IN 46550

Please do not put my name on the check anywhere. You can include a note in the envelope indicating that the money is to go toward my trip to Mexico. Donations can be in the form of one time gifts or monthly gifts. And I am always accepting prayer support as well :)

That is all for now. A big thank you to all who have and are supporting me!